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(All of the images on this page were edited in Lightroom for mobile)

Who is this course for?

This course is aimed at photographers and enthusiasts who would like to improve the quality of their photography through editing  and retouching.

It is in the editing process that your photos can really come to life. With Lightroom for Mobile not only do we have this capacity to enhance our work, but due to the portable nature of mobile devices we can edit anywhere.

What can I expect?

By the end of the days workshop you will have developed sufficent skills to be able to import photos into Lightroom, catalogue and origanise your images, create and apply presets, and edit your photos to a high standard.

This workshop is kept to a minimum of 4 attendees to ensure you’ll get one-on-one guidance during the course, as well as being able to discuss the course theory with the group.

What do I need to bring?

What is the duration of the workshop?

The Lightroom for Mobile workshop runs for a total of 4 hours.

The workshop commences at 10:00am and finishes at 2:00pm.

Lunch will be taken around midday.

Topics and Practice Exercises

Meet and greet

Get to know your mentor, and they’ll get to know you!

Creating an Adobe Account/Installing Lightroom

In this topic you will be assisted to create an Adobe account, as well as installing Lightroom on your mobile device.

Please note: this topic of the course is optional and is dependent on whether you have an existing Adobe account, and Lightroom is already installed on your device.

Freemium vs Premium

We will discuss with you the main differences between the free and premium versions of Lightroom, as well as the subscription option available from Adobe.

In this topic we will also discuss the difference between JPEG and RAW, how these are supported on various devices, and which format is preferable in respect to retouching.

Please note: we do not receive any commission or payment if you choose to purchase a monthly Lightroom subscription.


Every great collection is sorted into specific catalogues. In the case of Lightroom mobile these are Albums. In this topic you will be introduced to Albums, how to create and manage Albums and add photos to Albums.

The Panels

The development module of Lightroom is comprised of a series of panels, that each modify aspects of a photo in a variety of ways.

In this topic we will provide an overview of the panels and what each panel does.

The Basic Panels

In this topic you will be guided through each of the basic panels listed below:

Light, Colour, Effects, Detail, Optics, Geometry

Each panel will be delved into in detail with each of the sliders being explained and demonstrated.

Exercise: The Basic Panel topic will conclude with an exercise that makes use of all of the Basic Panels.

Advanced Panels

Moving on from the Basic Panels, we will guide you through the Advanced Panels, including:




Each of the features of the Advanced Panels will be discussed and demonstrated in detail, and it is during this exercise that we will discuss the Rule of Thirds and how this applies to cropping.

Exercise: In this exercise we will assist you retouching a photo using the Selective panel options, as well as Healing and Cropping photos.

Profiles and Presets

There are times when we want to simplify our workflows, or transfer the edits we have applied one image to another image. In this topic you will be introduced to Presets and Profiles and explore how these can be used in your workflow.

Exercise: This topic will conclude with a brief exercise in creating a preset and then applying that preset to a new image.

Putting it All Together

In our final topic we will take all that we have learned in the course and apply these in action. You will first import a photo into a Lightroom Album, and then retouch that photo with our assistance. Once completed you will save your retouch as a Preset and finally export your image.

This topic will also cover an introduction to Light and Colour, and how understanding how these can be applied to an image can really make it pop!

Exercise: In the final exercise of the Lightroom for Mobile course you will be shown before and after  versions of the same image. Comparing the two you will need to tell us what has been done to the image to achieve the retouched result.

You will then be provided with the original unretouched image and together we will process the image to achieve a result as close to the final image as possible.

We’ll be there with you, assisting you all the way.

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What is included in the course?

The cost for the Lightroom for Mobile course includes the following:


4-hours of personal guidance with a professional photography mentor who will guide you through each of the topics in the Lightroom for Mobile course


Lightroom for Mobile guide booklet outlining all of the lesson topics covered in the workshop (printed or downloadable)


The Lightroom for Mobile workshop is limited to a maximum of 4 attendees, and there is no minimum number of students.

Get in touch with us to tailor a course to suit you.
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