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Topics and Practice Exercises

Meet and greet

You get to know your mentors, and we get to know all about you!

Basic Principles of Portrait Photography

In this first module we will introduce you to the basic principles of portrait photography. We will also discuss with you etiquette associated with models, and how we apply this in real scenarios. 

The topic will conclude with an overview of the days events and structure.

Visualisation and Camera Specs

Mental preparation allows the photographer to visualise the shoot and the end result. Through this visualisation images are mentally composed to consider where to shoot, how to shoot, how to light the subject and so forth. It is also a process wherein camera specifications are considered such as aperture and ISO.

Location, Location Location

You’ve got a subject you want to photograph, but where do you photograph them?

This module covers how locations are selected with consideration for lighting, backgrounds, and visual distraction that many times are unnoticed until the photograph has been taken. We’ll also discuss how location can affect the feel or mood of the final image by shooting from different angles.

Lens Selection

Further to camera specifications, you will be introduced to lens selection and how different lenses and focal lengths can enhance or limit your creativity. Working with the lenses you have at hand, you’ll try different techniques to achieve different looks.

Positioning and Posing

In this module topics on positioning your subject within the frame will be explored. You will develop an understanding of basic posing for men and women, and how to pay attention to the smaller details; often overlooked.

We’ll also revisit etiquette, the manner in which we pose our subjects or our model and interact with them in appropriate ways.


The lighting module is perhaps the most important of all the topics you will learn. It is here that you will be introduced to natural light, artificial light such as those readily available as well as professional studio lighting and speedlites. You’ll also discover simple techniques to modify the available light to enhance your composition.

Guidance and Communication

A portrait is a collaboration between the subject and the photographer. In this module we’ll introduce you to ways that you can guide your subject, such  as demonstration and the use of emotion or mood.

Mixing It All Together

The lessons you’ve learned so far are now put to the test as you prepare, position and light your subject, shooting them in anyway that you feel. We will be with you assisting the whole way!

Over the course of the day you will act as photographer and assistant, exploring creative techniques both behind the lens and with lighting modifiers.

Expect to take a lot of photos!

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What is included in the Portrait Workshop?

The cost for the portrait photography workshop includes the following:


8 hours of portrait photography with two portrait photography mentors guiding you through activity specific portrait photography lessons.


The culmination of your days learning will be shooting an experienced model who you will pose and light (we'll be right there with you!)

Fully Catered

The portrait photgroahy workshop will include a fully catered lunch. We will do out best to meet specific dietary requirements.

Course Materials

Portrait Photography booklet outlining all of the lesson topics covered in the workshop (printed or downloadable)

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