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Business Photography

What is included?

A business photography photoshoot includes all of the following as you require.

Business Headshots

Business headshots are close up portraits intended to show your audience who you are, or who your staff members are.

Business Portraits

Business portraits reveals to your audience your and/or your staff on location. This might be in your premises, or with your equipment.

Photography on Premises

Whether you business has an office, or is outdoors, photography on premises is about revealing where your business operates.

Business Activities

Activities are a great way of showing your audience what you do. Visually business activities communicates to your audience your business operations such as painting in a studio or preparing food in your cafe's kitchen.

Business Equipment

Business equipment photos are intended to show your audience not only what you do, but also what you do it with. Think of a restaurant; in this case these may be photos of plated dishes ready to be served.

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Business Photography Packages

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