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Developing A Social Media Strategy with Fingerprint

Initial Discussion

We'd like to get to know you, and introduce you to the social media strategy that we have devised. This will include a conversation covering what you are expecting to achieve, time frames, and expectations as well as your marketing goals and objectives.

Choosing Fingerprint

Choosing Fingerprint to develop your social media strategy means your choosing a path toward improving the success of your social media presence, while boosting the productivity of your website.

Why have a strategy?

Developing a social media strategy is about taking control over your expectations and goals from your social media presence. Rather than simply posting content at random, a strategy applies intent, where that intent is often to boost traffic and productivity.

Getting Started

At the outset we will provide you with a brief of how the strategy that we employ is implemented. We outline the basic concepts of developing the strategy, developing marketing campaigns, creating banners and seamlessly combining these into an annual campaign of social media content.

Setting Up

During this stage we will guide you through the setup of an annual social media marketing campaign. We will introduce you to freely available software that you will utilise to develop and publish content.

Developing Campaigns

Campaigns are developed to ensure that goals and objectives are clear, and that content posted to social media is relatable and relevant.


During this stage we will review your proposed social media content, your campaigns and goals and offer guidance in the implementation of these campaigns.

You're All Set

At this stage you're all set to commence posting and begin the real world application of your social media strategy. We'll continue to support you for the following 3 months from this stage.

Moving Forwards

Having undertaken your first guided and implemented social media strategy, you'll be able to manage moving forwards on your own with the knowledge and tools to approach future social media campaigns with confidence.

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Fingerprint also provides web development services for Ecommerce websites, as well as developing effective WordPress websites.

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With Fingerprint you can develop your online presence with an Ecommerce website, allowing you to sell products and services, and receive payment directly from your website.

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With more and more people accessing social media daily, developing a strategy to drive traffic to your website is vital. Have a look at how we can help you develop a social media strategy for your online presence.

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